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At Till & Butler CPAs, PLLC, we provide services to small and mid-size businesses to maintain an accounting system that can be deemed compliant by the Defense Contracting Auditing Agency (DCAA).  This is a major task for a company to achieve and this process should begin at the beginning of your pursuit in government contracting. We have proven that our assistance can help with DCAA inquiries and/or audits. 

We have built strategic relationships with other small companies such as K3 Enterprises, Inc., (www.k3-enterprises.comthe 2009  Small Technology Company of the Year for the North Carolina Technology Association.  


We have success in providing affordable, easy to use, web based time and expense software that not only meets DCAA requirements, but is an efficiency enabler for your organization.


We believe that our experience in the government industry provides the needed resources to assist companies with start up and sustainment. 


Please contact us today.

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